Corroborating references to the Ghassanid family tree and Royal Claims:

The bloodlink between the El Chemor/Gharios/Guerios family with the Kings of Ghassan, the Nikephorian Dynasty of the Byzantine Empire, the Sultans of Rasul, the Princely Houses of Al-Akoura, Zgharta-Zeiywe and Jabal Shammar

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The continuation of the Ghassanid Dynasty after the fall of the first State (638 CE)

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The El Chemor/Gharios/Guerios family’s legal claims:

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Also, by vast jurisprudence:

– 1870 – Court of Appeal of Naples in 03/16/1870
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– 1872 – Court of Appeal of Naples in 02/05/1872
– 1909 – Court of Naples 10/22/1909
– 1914 – Civil and Penal Court of Avezzano in 12/03/1914
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– 1946 – Court of Catania in 09/14/1946
– 1947 – Civil court of Naples in 06/06/1947
– 1948 – Court of Rome in 09/10/1948
– 1949 – Court of Vico Gargano verdict number 217/49
– 1950 – Court of Perugia in 03/27/1950
– 1952 – Unified Court of Rome in 03/22/1952
– 1955 – Court of Santa Agata de Puglia 06/25/1955
– 1987 – Court of Republic of San Marino Case No. 184/1987
– 2003 – Ordinary Court of Ragusa 02/17/2003

- 2011 - Arbitral court (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 07/18/2011   

​- 2012 - Los Angeles Superior Court - case number: BS-135337 - 02/24/2012 

​- 2013 - Judges technical opinion (Espirito Santo, Brazil) 08/01/2013  

- 2016 - Los Angeles Superior Court - case number: BS-159726 - 03/15/2016 

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