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THE ROYAL HERALD - The official periodical of the Sovereign Imperial & Royal House of Ghassan. Read about the achievements of 2018, the meetings with Royalty, Heads of State, Popes, political and religious leaders,  diplomats, etc. All the Royal travels, projects and awards...

PRESIDENT OF ALBANIA RECEIVES THE ROYAL FAMILY - The Ghassanid Royal Family and the board of the Royal House of Ghassan were honored to be received in a private audience by The President of Albania His Excellency Bujar Nishani.  ...

THE WORLD'S LEADING SCHOLAR IN MIDDLE EASTERN ROYAL SUCCESSION PRESENTS SWORN STATEMENT REGARDING THE GHASSANID ROYAL RIGHTS  - Dr Joseph Albert Kéchichian, one of the indisputable world top scholars in Middle Eastern Royal Succession, signed a sworn affidavit recognizing the rights of the Ghassanid Royal Family and of HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu’man VIII ...


Please, click on  the images below for the official letter of recognition from the Albanian Head of State and translation  

After three long years of a very bureaucratic process, The Imperial and Royal House of Ghassan is officially recognized by the Lebanese Government.

Who are the Ghassanids?

LEBANESE PRESIDENT RECEIVES THE ROYAL FAMILY - The Ghassanid Royal Family and the board of the Royal House of Ghassan were honored to be received in a private audience by The Lebanese President General Michel Aoun. Prince Gharios El Chemor discussed with President Aoun a cooperation to promote several programs in Lebanon including education and to make Lebanon the leader of religious dialogue in the region. Special thanks to Prince Gharios’ cousin Dr. Naji Gharios, Member of the Lebanese Parliament and international councilor of the Royal House of Ghassan...


THE ROYAL HOUSE OF GHASSAN IS ACCREDITED BY THE UNITED NATIONS - The Royal House of Ghassan was granted “Special Consultative Status” by the United Nations Economical and Social Council.

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The Ghassanids are the descendants of a group of South Arabian sedentary tribes that emigrated in the early 3rd century from Yemen to the Hauran in southern Syria, Jordan and the Holy Land where some intermarried with Hellenized Roman settlers and Greek-speaking Early Christian communities. The term Ghassan refers to the kingdom of the Ghassanids. The Sabean Prince Jafna bin 'Amr emigrated with his family and retinue north and settled in Hauran (south of Damascus, present Syria), where the first Ghassanid state was founded. From him the Ghassanid line is also sometimes known as the Jafnids. It is assumed that the Ghassanids adopted the religion of Christianity after they reached their new home. The Romans found a powerful ally in the new coming Arabs of Southern Syria. The Ghassanids were defenders of the buffer zone against the other Bedouins penetrating Roman territory. The capital was at Jabiyah in the Golan Heights. Geographically, it occupied much of Syria, Mount Hermon (Lebanon), Jordan and Israel, part of present Iraq, Saudi Arabia and its authority extended via tribal alliances with other Azdi tribes all the way to the northern Hijaz as far south as Yathrib (Medina).

HRH CROWN PRINCE LEKA II OF THE ALBANIANS  RECEIVES HIRH PRINCE GHARIOS EL CHEMOR AND ROYAL FAMILY - The Prince Gharios El Chemor and members of the Ghassanid Royal Family were officially received by the Head of the  Royal House of the Albanians, HRH Crown Prince Leka II. The Royal Ghassanid delegation was received at the Albanian Royal Residence in Tirana, Albania.   ...

Sovereign Imperial & Royal House of Ghassan

In Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council

Officially Recognized by the Government of the Lebanese Republic

ROYAL HOUSE PRESENTS IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE OF THE FAMILY'S TITLES - The Royal House has acquired several family’s documents which prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the Royal Family not only ruled but also kept using the titles even after the deposition until the present days. ...

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